I hear it every day: “I haven't been in for ages. My kids are all grown.”

My response is always the same. “We're not just for kids.”

What kid, for example, is going to assemble a 3,000-piece puzzle?

And what adult stops playing Twister, Monopoly, or chess? Okay, maybe some of us stop playing Twister…

Besides the games and puzzles, we have coloring books for adults, gag gifts, hula hoops, desk toys, and these really lovely smelling soy candles made in eastern Oregon. (Pro tip: Do not give candles to a kid!)

Yes, we sell toys for kids of all ages—even newborns will find things they can chew on. And, as I always say, the gift for the man is the same gift for the 14-year-old boy.

Twenty- and thirty-somethings know we're not just for kids, because they're in here buying stuff for themselves and each other.

Our undying hope is that nobody ever stops having fun.

No matter what your biological age, we hope to see you soon!



PS: March on in this month and *take ten percent off your entire order* when you say the secret password: MarchOn. (*Not to be combined with other deals)


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