Saturdays at Finnegan's

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Saturdays at Finnegan's

Saturdays at Finnegan’s are memorable for any kid, but we try to MAKE memories. How do we do that? By hosting Saturday Play Days!

Most Saturdays, from 11-4 or thereabouts, kids ages 3 and up can partake in any manner of activities, depending on the day. (Tomorrow, for instance, we’ll have an obstacle course—with prizes at the end, for those who don’t believe that the journey itself IS the goal…)

We like the kids to have a take-away of some sort, if not an actual project they made, then some sort of souvenir to remember us by.

It’s a great way for parents to pass the time, too, since Finnegan’s offers fun at any age.

One Saturday we made the village that graces our southern-most window on 9th Avenue. Check it out if you’re around downtown. There’s an observatory, a food cart (mais bien sur!), a movie theater—or maybe it’s a video store?

Make a Finnegan’s contribution to your child’s memory-bank. And as for you, it’s never too late to have a happy childhood. (Tom Robbins said that.)




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