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Longhorn Game

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Ages 8 to ADULT
2 Players

1870 – Somewhere deep in Texas

The rearing of Longhorn cattle from northern Mexico is booming. It has now become a major source of income for the Texan farmers and at the same time has attracted cattle thieves of all kinds.

The players assume the roles of two particularly feared outlaws: Eagle Perkins and Jessie Artist Byrd.

The aim of the game is simple: to steal cattle (and a few gold nuggets if possible) to see who can amass the most money by the end of the game… or to get your opponent arrested by the sheriff !

Play Time: 15 minutes

  • 9 location tiles
  • 19 Action tokens
  • 2 Wanted tokens (one per player)
  • 1 Outlaw token (one side per player)
  • 36 wooden cows (9 in each of the four colors)