Calico Critters

Piano and Desk Set

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The Piano & Desk Set is a perfect furniture set to add to your Calico Critters house. The set comes with lovely furniture for a child's room in white and pink. The desk has three drawers you can actually pull out. You can move the keyboard, pedals, and fallboard of the piano. Small accessories such as a lamp, globe, books, and pencils are also included.

Piano, piano stool, desk, chair, globe, rubbish bin, doll house, pen stand, coloured pencil (yellow), coloured pencil (pink), pencil sharpener, lamp, book x2, colouring book, desk mat, music score, notebook x2, calendar (total 20 pieces)

Box Contents

*Perfect furniture set for a child's room
*Includes 20 pieces: piano, desk, chair, and many accessories
*You can move the keyboard and the pedals of the piano
*Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children
*Suitable for ages three years and above