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Escape Zombie City

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Thousands were caught unaware when the zombie apocalypse overwhelmed the world, but some were prepared—they knew this day was coming, and they were ready to take action. You were one of these few survivors, and in the weeks that followed, you adapted to your new existence. You’ve even formed a small community, taking shelter in the town church. Your relative peace won’t last long though! A massive horde of zombies approaches, and some have already arrived. Your home is about to become zombie city—and you need to escape.

Escape: Zombie City is a real-time board game of speed and zombie slaying for two to four players, designed by Kristian Amundsen Østby, the creator of Escape: The Curse of the Temple. Escape: Zombie City uses the framework created by The Curse of the Temple, but offers an entirely new experience. You and your friends control brave survivors preparing to flee town, but before you can leave, you must stock your van with supplies and explore to find the exit. Once you have everything you need, you’ll pile into the van and drive out of town before time runs out!