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Mary's Softdough Original Rainbow Tub SALE!

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Made in Oregon.

Mary's Softdough is a natural version of play dough that's fun to play with! Softdough holds up well during lots of creative play. Mary's Softdough is handmade, creating a soft, pliable, top quality modeling dough. 

The recyclable, airtight tub keep dough squishy and crumble-free for months of use so you can squash, poke and pull to your heart's content. Washable with soap and water.

No one should ever eat modeling dough, but we know it tempts the little ones.  So, if that clandestine nibble occurs, don't worry!

Mary's Softdough is made of food-grade, American ingredients. Made in the USA.

Unbleached wheat flour,water, salt, cream of tartar, vegetable (soybean) oil, food coloring, and sodium benzoate (a common food preservative).