Magnum 12

Mini Marshmallow Shooter

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Mini Marshmallow Shooter adds a whole new dimension of fun. With this high quality sling shot, you've got an excellent chance of hitting the bulls-eye. The sling shot is made of quality multi-ply birch plywood, for long lasting durability. The mini Marshmallow Shooter is designed to use ordinary store-bought marshmallows (not included) as ''ammo.'' Marshmallows are the perfect size and weight for this sling shot - and when target practice is over, you can eat the left over ''ammo.'' Please wear safety goggles at all times while using your Magnum12 product. Never shoot at people, animals, or yourself. All Magnum12 products are 100% American made using solid poplar hard wood. Each item is sanded to a smooth finish and printed with a unique name that compliments its styling.