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Putty Scents: Bubble Gum

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It’s the stress relief of thinking putty and the delicious scent of bubble gum in one of the most soothing fidget toys around! Introducing Putty Scents MixUps, a unique line of scented putty with a crunchy texture that pops and snaps when it stretches! You’ll get to combine foam beads and sweet-scented putty into your custom sensation that’s great for kneading, molding and stretching—with three amazing aromas to choose from! Collect them all!

• Sweet-smelling putty with a textured feel
• Puts stress relief and aromatherapy at your fingertips
• Includes scented putty and foam beads in one beautiful tin
• Gluten free and non-toxic
• Try Mint Marshmallow Cocoa and Confetti Cake scents!

Age Recommendation: Ages 3 and up