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Springbok - The Melody Shop Puzzle (1000 pcs)

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Artist Edward Wargo captures the essence of a bygone era. The Melody Shop 1000 piece puzzle provides a detailed and colorful window into a time when young and old converged at the Melody Shop to experience their favorite music. We imagine the jukebox cheerfully belting out the latest top 40 hit, while the horned rimmed glass wearing proprietor rings up the newest record for $.59 cents. The couple in the foreground discuss their favorite bands, while the little boy asks to see the real rock and roll guitar hanging from it's ceiling perch.

The puzzle's finished dimensions are 30" X 24", featuring the thickest puzzle pieces in the industry for over 50 Years! Springbok delivers stunning images with their unique puzzle pressing technique that guarantees no two pieces are ever the same shape in a Springbok Puzzle. This Springbok Puzzle is manufactured with 100% recycled materials, utilizing non-toxic sustainably sourced soy based inks.