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Tiny Laughing Buddha

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A mixture of history and folklore, Laughing Buddha is always depicted as a jolly, rotund character. The historical basis for the figure is Pu-tai, a beloved Chinese monk. Many Buddhist temples in China have statues of Pu-tai near their entrances.

  • History: Tenth century Chinese folktales tell of a jolly monk, Qieci, also known as Pu-tai. As with all such stories, the legend grew with the telling, transforming a jovial monk into a benevolent figure representing happiness and generosity. He is seen as a protector of children and often pictured with a sack of treats to distribute.
  • Characteristics: These Laughing Buddha figures could be part of a Buddhism project or a fun party favor.
  • Size: These bright orange figures are full of laughs. About the size of a large blueberry, they are just as round at about an inch in size.
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